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Tarot Readings: Services




End of Summer Special

Bring a friend. You both get a 45 minute reading. You both get a $20 discount. Available only for face to face tarot readings on Fridays and Saturdays.

Also available online :

30 minutes - $80

45 minutes - $120

60 minutes - $150

Face to face :

45 minutes - $120

60 minutes - $150

Welcome to Healing Pathways

Your trusted destination for accurate, insightful, tarot Readings, here in Melbourne.


  • What is your future looking like?

  • Can you find the right perspective to get a clear view  of your life?

  • How is your emotional and love life?

  • Does it harmonize with your working life, or your health?


A Tarot reading with Greg is an extraordinary experience and one that can help you assess your present situation within the context of your past with unerring clarity and precision. If you need to see your life in perspective, or just need to talk about issues you are facing in a non-judgemental and "interested in you" environment, where you can ask the questions you need to ask and get the answers that are embedded in your self about the past, present or future, then book a face-to-face reading or go on Zoom at the time you want.

Book your reading now, click on bookings to see the times available, or click here.

The Tarot serves as a profound tool for soul guidance, akin to the evolution of language from our imaginative minds. It functions as a multi-dimensional language with symbolic syntax, revealing a story to the reader. Three key focuses emerge in a reading: mystery (for the child), balance (for the adult), and empowerment (for the elder). Our soul comprises three parts—child, adult, and elder—existing within us at every life stage.


The child's focus is pure curiosity, crucial for survival and later fostering the curiosity of others. Mystery, inherent in life's unknowns, draws individuals to Tarot readings. Here, the reader acts as a translator, using the symbolic dictionary of Tarot cards to unveil the mystery of one's elder's vision of life.


The adult's focus centers on balance, vital in navigating life choices. The Tarot's structure mirrors the true balances in emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. A skilled reader predicts the evolution or erosion of these balances, guiding individuals toward harmony, the higher value of balance that brings the elder into conscious awareness.


Empowerment, the elder's focus, arises when the adult and child parts harmonize. In this state, the child's needs are freely met by the adult, while the adult's desires are fulfilled by the external world. The elder seeks only light (truth) and breath (life's rhythm), aiming to empower the adult and guide the child when necessary. Tarot symbols serve as hieroglyphs of the elder's language, and a proficient reader embodies the authority of an elder in interpreting the cards.

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