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Client Experiences


"I feel fortunate to have been able to consult with Greg over the last twelve years, with enormous benefit in developing my ability to navigate my way through difficult situations, whether it’s business or personal.   His compassion, stories and good humour will ease all kinds of suffering, whatever your dilemma. 
If you’re looking for new perspectives on situations, or options when you feel like you’re stuck in some kind of dead end, I can highly recommend Greg’s counsel and wisdom, to inspire new ways of thinking."

Alison Boylen


"I have been going to Greg for Reiki since 2009 and he has been an amazing healer. I have not only felt the positive changes within but have also seen the physical manifestation of them. He is a highly accurate tarot card reader and very deeply aligned with Spirit. I commend him."

Prianka Erasmus


"You get so much other than what you bargained for as Greg really goes the extra distance with his customers. He is so engaging and inspiring. I am so impressed with his depth of knowledge. He certainly does the walk not just the talk. Fantastic tarot reading too."

Cathy Hay

Testimonial: Testimonial
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