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Tarot by Email

Example of Tarot Spread.

Example of Tarot Analysis.


For your reading I am using the old French Marsaille Deck and I will send you a photo of the spread. Your focus is the 4 of Cups crossed by The Magician. This means that your crossroads at this present period are choices concerning emotional commitment and fulfillment of your own independent will. The Magician  crossing suggests you keep being surprised by other's intentions, especially emotional, and can't trust a significant other will be trustworthy about what they say they want. You will have to notice more what they are doing to be sure of their intent (you mentioned Caleb, this is his card). The Wheel of fortune and the Eight of Wands appear in the two cards outside the Celtic spread, they are what the spirit wants of you now. Together these mean you still have to decide for yourself whether you would rather travel or be free or commit further to an emotional agreement. Since its difficult to trust the other, perhaps Spirit is telling you your fortunes are best served by not waiting for Caleb to make up his mind but choose your own path and your fortune will be good perhaps even with him. The Empress lies underneath, this is the position that show you what you don't know about yourself and shows you are going through a period of creative growth, and would like to have a home you can be nurtured and nurture in. On the Top (what you are aware of most) is the seven of wands, denoting that you are aware you want more than what you have now and would fight to get it. It shows you have a competitive streak and are proud of yourself, too proud to beg perhaps. You are looking confidently at your future at this point, but the Magician crossing means you are cautious about trusting others in case they may not know what they want. In the past is the Eight of Coins, and shows you have been doing well enough to be feeling confident about your money making abilities and may have been working hard to improve your skills recently. In fact its usually a good sign of being well looked after to have that card in the past. In the future you have the eight of swords, and the 2 of  Wands (which is in the position of your reaction to the future situation). the Eight of Swords means you are going to be waiting for someone else to make up their mind about an issue and you will find it increasingly difficult to put up with procrastination and excuses. The Two of Wands means you will react with power and rage or anger if crossed, or powerful love and joy if not. The Pope is in the position of how others see you, and that means they think you are a patient person with your heart, maybe not so good if you want real answers quickly from a hesitant partner. The hopes and fears card is Strength, with the girl holding the Lion's mouth open. This is called courage and it seems you may need some if you have to be free or have to hurry up others to give you what you want. The Spirit wants you to be swift (Eight of Wands) and take hold of your own fortunes (Wheel of Fortune) which means to trust that you will be strong with or without anyone else and that if you make a choice for yourself right now then you will receive long term pleasures even if it means feeling short term pain. The Four of Wands is your outcome and means that after 4 months you will see a closure to this issue in some way and you will be developing a strong belief in your own will, especially when it comes to relationships. Aim to be as strong and courageous about your choices in accepting offers of love or rejecting them if you feel they are not up to your standard. Don't accept second best, especially now, and know that a good home will come to you when you are ready, and if you don't accept second best now, then the best will be what you get. Your best course of action is Temperance, which is a special card showing the need to be moderate. Get angry and proud if you feel you are not being taken seriously in your quest for marriage, or get loving and nurturing if you are. Either way, the end result is that if you are looking to develop yourself as a creative person at this time, both as a worker or as a mother (or just partner) then this is the time to be as courageous and fired up as possible. Obviously don't let your anger get the better of you if you feel crossed by others, the Magician is tricky and easily afraid of anger or rage. Temperance is about being patient mentally, not emotionally, and being able to say what you want with calmness and power. 

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