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Subconscious Narrative Charts

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What are Subconscious Story Charts?

Everyone has a number of stories running in their life. They have their own personal story of which they are conscious and equates to their everyday reality. They also have a subconscious story playing, which they will only see because of its effect on their everyday life. They also have other stories such as their way of experiencing the collective unconscious. To make your own personal subconscious story or narrative conscious, I have developed the Subconscious Narrative Chart, and all you have to do is respond with feeling and imagination to a guided series of prompts and watch as the true story of your life (in the present moment) is revealed. Try the first series for free and you will get a glimpse into the normally shadowy workings of your own subconscious. 

Your Personal Subconscious Story Chart is built when you respond to the cards, not with your conscious mind, but through your feelings which are your guides to your subconscious stories you normally only see when you recognize their effect on your conscious life. When you stop the above clip you are being asked to respond spontaneously to the image that it stops on and imagine a scene or a situation that this image describes. For example if the Emperor appears you might imagine a noble leader or a powerful energy. Whatever your response, you are only limited by your imagination. There is no right or wrong, just an observation of what you are feeling, not thinking, the image is describing to you. For the second image 

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