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Make a break-through not have a break-down - Tri session counseling.

Many people who have suffered a trauma or the results of a trauma feel like they are going through a break-down. They fear that their pain will last forever, or end in something much worse. The reality is that without some understanding of the effects of the trauma and a sense of hope for healing many do end up with something much worse than the original trauma. Modern counseling has, at its core, a solid, well documented and verified belief that talking through the crisis with a guide who can hold an unconditional and supportive space for the 'story' of the crisis to be aired and analysed can be beneficial for the sufferer in a number of ways, including helping them to find a way through the maze of feelings and thoughts that can create anxiety and depression. It can turn a break-down into a break-through and create the correct conditions for the sufferer for healing to occur.

At Talking Space Counseling this belief is at the core of any session, and we have found that the process of healing is better served if the sessions are not excessively long, are client based, so that the sufferer is the 'storyteller' not the guide, and that the sufferer can be supported to find realistic and practical strategies to end the suffering that can also be measured and verified by the sufferer.

We have devised the Tri-Session process so that a client can choose whether they come for one session, two sessions or all three, according to what they need and can afford. The three sessions are named Story / Plan / Measure and all three sessions are of one hour duration.

Break through the pain barrier - don't wait for nature to take its course. To book now at Talking Space counseling, click the image below.

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