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The purpose and use of a Tarot Reading

The Tarot is a guidance and informational tool for the soul that has sprung up from the imagination of our clever species the same way that language has developed. For a reader the Tarot is a language whose syntax are multi-dimensional symbols, and interpreted through the story. The three foci of a reading is mystery (the focus for the child), balance (the focus for the adult) and empowerment (the focus for the elder). Our soul parts are composed three parts : a child, an adult and an elder. The child and the adult we know consciously and well, presuming we have matured positively. The elder is a part that develops through experience and learning, but all three parts exist within us at every stage of life.


Pure cusiosity is your child part's focus. Without this, and the safety given to your when you were a child, by external adults, you would not survive until adulthood and be given the opportunity to provide other children safety for their curiosity. Mystery is common because we know so little about life in reality. Mystery is what brings you in to do a reading in the first place. You are a mystery, the tarot cards are the symbolic dictionary, the reader is the translator and interpreter

that helps you to see inside your own elder's vision of your life, which is a mystery too. Exploring mystery is the primary purpose and use of a tarot reading.


Balance is your adult part's focus. The need for balance in our everyday adult lives is obvious, and most of our battles and conflicts are about what we prioritise in the course of making choices about our life. The tarot describes by its very structure the nature of the true balances we keep as we become more capable of assuming authority for our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual choices, and a truly expressed story by a good reader will even predict what and how those balances will evolve, or erode in your everyday life. Harmony is the higher value of balance and b

rings the elder part into the conscious mind when it has been achieved by the adult.


Empowerment is the focus of your elder part. Empowerment occurs when the adult and the child are in a state of harmony within yourself. The child has what it needs, and is given it freely by the adult. The adult gets what it wants, if it is given freely by the external world and if the adult has the power to recieve it and hold it. The elder cares only for light, (or the truth of things for, to the elder, knowledge is power) and breath (which is the rhythm of life itself). The elder seeks to empower the adult and guide the child part when the adult part cannot provide the needs of the child. The tarot card system and symbols are hieroglyphs of the language the elder speaks, and a good reader will speak with the authority of an elder when reading the cards.


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